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The EPA Climate Change Kids' Site
Learn about climate change and what you can do to help!

 Weather Wiz Kids
 What's up? The weather! This site was created by a meteorologist and explains the common phenomena of weather!

Visit here for information from the NOAA on tornados.

Visit JetStream--the online school for weather-- for all the latest information on weather and pictures from the NOAA.

The Weather Channel Kids
From fun games to an awesome glossary, this site has it all for all interested kids.

Learn about the more dangerous aspects of weather.

Interactive Weather Maker
Make your perfect day with this fun game!

Web Weather for Kids!
Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather on Web Weather for Kids!

InFocus -- Floods!
Learn about flooding: the science, the stories, and the rescues!

Make a Weather Station
Become your own meteorologist as you make your own weather station!