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Day Mammals

Animal Games--Mammals
KidsCom's guessing games on mammals are guaranteed to teach you interesting facts!

Learn more about Wisconsin's native mammals using the WI DNR EEK! site

Yahoo!Kids Mammals
You don't need to search Yahoo! to learn about mammals. Yahoo!Kids has collected the basic information you need into clear, concise (and short) pages.

Gray Wolf
A quick fact sheet by Nature on the Gray Wolf.

Nocturnal Mammals

5 Nocturnal Animals You Didn't Know About
Did you know these animals were nocturnal?

Enchanted Learning--Nocturnal Animals
Learn about the creatures of the night.

Nocturnal Animals
Check out this first grade page on nocturnal animals.

KinderNature: Nocturnal Animals
Learn about different aspects of nocturnal animals!

Night Shift
Read about nocturnal animals from an article in National Geographic Explorer!

Burrowing Mammals

Enchanted Learning's Burrowing Creatures
This site has information on a multitude of burrowing mammals along with diagrams of the creature's body which can double as coloring pages.

Take a gander at National Geographic's fact page on groundhogs.

The Official Groundhog Site
A site dedicated to Groundhog Day and groundhogs.

Facts and coloring pages about moles.