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Animals Not Native to Wisconsin

 Kratt's Creatures
 Let the Kratt Brothers take you on an adventure of learning about animals all over the world!

 Voyage of the Lonely Turtle
 Learn about the hardships of the Loggerhead Turtle as she makes her way from Mexico to go lay eggs in Japan in this fun game.

Toki's Survival
Learn about the hardships of the cheetah orphans in Nature's game of survival!

 Field Trip Earth
Go on an online field trip where you will learn of the Midwest Falcons, Atlantic Sea Turtles, Elephants of Cameroon, and the Red Wolves of Alligator River!

Learn about animals with your lemur friend, Zoboomafoo and the Kratt Brothers!


 Brookfield Zoo Exhibit and Animal Guide
Learn about the animals of the Brookfield Zoo!

Central Park Zoo--Animals
Learn about the animals of the Central Park Zoo!

Los Angeles Zoo Fun!
Play games and learn about the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo!