Saturday Exhibit Hours
Treat yourself to an eco-adventure at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center's new Saturday Exhibit Hours where you can explore the earth from space, immerse yourself inside the eye of a storm, give an on-camera weather forecast and much more!

ALNC's new interactive exhibits are open Monday-Friday, from 10 am - 4 pm  and Saturdays from 10 am - 2 pm. In addition, one Saturday each month we offer special themed programs and activities.

Topics and themes change monthly, so come back often and bring your friends for a new experience each visit!

Admission: $5.50/person; members receive free admission for four people (click here for membership information)

Upcoming Special Programs
Sat. February 9th 10 am-2 pm

What's going on under the ice? Why don't pond critters turn into fishcicles, and how do aquatic plants and animals get through the winter? How do Wisconsin's freezing lakes fit into our lives, and what changes are in store? Fish for fun facts, learn about lakes and seas, explore our pond, and find out what’s up under there!

Lobby and Outdoors: Under the Pond Ice*
Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep an ice fisherman (or woman) warm and dry out on the frigid frozen lakes? Check out some real ice fishing gear! Then, hike down to our pond to try your hand at ice fishing, and use aqua-view tubes to discover what life lies beneath (*dependent on weather and conditions).

Science on a Sphere: Real-Time Snow and Ice Cover
The cryosphere (areas covered by ice, snow, glaciers, or permafrost) is an extremely dynamic part of the global system, and variations in the seasons and climate bring great changes. This real-time dataset shows how Earth's cryosphere changes with the seasons, and allows scientists to keep a continual eye on these areas.

Immersion Theater: Under the Antarctic Ice Sheet
This incredible excerpt from BBC's Frozen Planet shows time-lapse imagery from beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet, including the formation of a deadly "brinicle" ice finger, to show what happens to the freezing seas and the life below.

Orientation Theater: Ice Fishing
Throughout Wisconsin during the cold winter months, frozen lakes are dotted with fishermen and ice houses. Ice fishing has been a part of Wisconsin history since American Indians chopped holes to spear fish to supplement their winter diets. In this Climate Wisconsin video, you will spend a few minutes with some local ice fishers, learning how they enjoy Wisconsin's ice season, and how it can end suddenly and unpredictably with the onset of warm weather.

Exhibit Touchscreens: Madison Ice Cover Data
Did you know that one of the longest-running records of ice cover data in the world is from right here in Madison? Learn what the ice-cover seasons have been each year since 1855, and view how they have changed over time. Can you guess how many fewer average days of ice we get each year?

Nina Leopold Bradley Phenology Center: Critter Fishing
Practice "hooking" some pond life and learn about what kinds of fish, animals, and insects can be found in our local waters.

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